Fastnet Wireless LLC
1300 Bluegrass road Suite 9 Franklin KY 42134 US

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wireless Internet as reliable as DSL or Cable?
Yes or service is provided by a redundant network designed and built by Fastnet to deliver high speed access. In some locations cable and dsl customers have switched to our network for reliability and local customer service.

How fast is it?

Our service plans range from 4MB to 25MB which can be 1000x faster than dialup. The wireless connection does not require the use of any phone lines. Our network experiences an average of 5-20ms in delay before reaching the internet.

Is there a contract?
Our plans do not require a contract and our service is a monthly auto renewing plan. You can cancel at anytime by scheduling a free uninstall of your equipment by calling us at 270-776-8200.
Is our service portable or can it be shared like AT&T and others? 
No our network is based off fixed point wireless and the equipment is installed onsite and cannot be moved.  However if the customer has a wireless router they can extend our service in their home and share with wireless enabled devices.

Can I use a VoIP Phone service like Vonage or Magic Jack?
We do not support voip services on our network but customers have given us reports of successful use. One of the reasons we do not support voip is that per E911 rules the service must remain usable in an emergency. In the example of a tornado damaging power lines the customer’s house without power and voip services require an active internet connection.

How do I pay?
Installation fee and first months servie is due at time of installation. We mail out billing on the 15h of the month which is due on or before the 5th of the following month. We support automatic payment thorugh ACH, please contact or office at 270-776-8200 for more information.our paragraph here.