Customer Feedback

I have worked with Mike and Bruce with FastNet for the last 6 months.  They have been wonderful!  We are working on a project to install fiber optic cable around Franklin.  I had one major company that had to have service by July 15th and we committed to that date back in January.  Two weeks before we were scheduled to turn up the customer our internet service provider notified us that they would be unable to meet the deadline.  I went into a panic.  Thankfully we found out about FastNet and they were able to get the installation done and service to our customer in less than 4 days.  They have provided us with excellent service and customer service.  We are currently working with them on some larger projects within the city and I am excited about the possibilities

Tammie Carey
City of Franklin

November 2011

          Fiber Services Manager
     Public Relations Coordinator
                 Project Manager

           117 West Cedar Street
                   P.O. Box 2805
              Franklin, KY  42135

           Phone:  (270) 586-4497
             Fax:  (270) 586-9419